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I would like to thank Dr. Cornette and his wonderful staff for the terrific job they do. Everyone is so patient with my three children. The only place I have been to that can actually get a 2 year old to do a full cleaning treatment. Keep up the great work!

Zoom® Whitening

I would like to thank Dana, Dr. Cornette and his staff for allowing me the opportunity to have this new teeth whitening treatment. I was surprised to see that my teeth had whitened so much. I am pleased with the results. Sincerely

Zoom® Whitening

I had the Zoom® bleaching done & have tried all other methods of bleaching, trays, etc. This took one hour instead of several times, to get the results I had tried to get all along. My teeth are really white & I love it!

Veneer and Zoom® Whitening

I absolutely love my new smile. For years, I have been embarrassed over my smile. The dark staining and crooked tooth on top had forced me to hide my smile. Now, after having cosmetic surgery and a veneer, I smile all the time. I feel awesome about myself. I am proud of my smile. Thank you Dr. Cornette for restoring my confidence.

Aesthetic Crown

Years ago - back in Germany - I got a temporary crown on one of my front teeth but because my daughter got braces at the same time I couldn't afford to replace the temp with a 'real' crown. The tooth turned brown - of course - and I felt very self-conscious about it. Moved to Radcliff I started to work in a School Age service and the kids asked me at least once a day why I'd walk around with a 'golden tooth'. I didn't dare to smile any more and even talking was a challenge. I became almost depressed. But I didn't go to see a dentist because you have to trust a dentist - just like you have to trust your hair stylist. Right? yeah-right!!! Then, one day, I got tooth pain and ended up - by coincidence in Dr. Philip Cornette's office.

Trust? From the very first moment! Not only my tooth pains were gone but we also worked out an affordable plan to replace my temporary crown. A lot of appointments were scheduled and sometimes I felt like I lived in Dr. Cornette's office. But it was worth every minute because with the very perfect crown I got my smile back-and my life!!!

The atmosphere in the practice is family style and friendly. Dr. Cornette is absolutely professional but never forgets what's important for the patient. When I have an appointment at 8 o'clock I"m on the chair at 8. When it says the treatment will last 60 minutes it lasts 60 minutes. Not 65, not 75, not 90. Great for a working mom with family - Thank you Dr. Cornette and TEAM! I can only recommend Dr. Cornette and his team! And I do it with a big proud smile!!!

Check out my Before and After Photos.


On 14 Aug 2003, I Curtis received teeth Implant service of my lower teeth. On 20 Nov 2003, an impression was made the bar measurement for the lower plate retainer. On 31 Mar 2004 the Hadder & Lower plate was completed and installed. Minor adjustments were made to assure proper fit and comfort. I am completely satisfied with this procedure, comfort and reliability. Many thanks and appreciation to Dr. Cornette and his staff for their outstanding professionalism and service. Their professionalism and caring attitude are of tremendous comfort during and after this fine procedure. Many thanks go out to Dr. Cornette and his staff for their outstanding and caring for the patient.


I have always hated having my teeth cleaned. Dana is such a wonderful, relaxing person. She is sincerely caring and makes coming to the dentist fun!! I enjoy her immensely and she has helped me improve my gum condition. For this, I am so grateful! Give her a raise!!

Military Family

Dear Sirs or Madam:

When my family retired from the Military (US NAVY), we relocated to Rineyville. The location of my teaching position was in Vine Grove, so my logical choice for family dental care was the Radcliff area. I grabbed the phonebook, turned to the Yellow Pages, and my quest began. Dr. Cornette's ad caught my eye, so the appointments soon followed.

As anyone can attest, the stress of relocation, retiring, and finding jobs was enough to rattle the strongest of families. Mine was no different. I had just moved from San Diego, California after ten years. I thought the future dental appointments would be like getting an oil change or a haircut (impersonal, in and out). I make this parallel only to point out the extremely warm reception that my family instantly, the quality dental care became evident as well. They never realized how their true dental "care" helped me and my family land on our feet and adjust to the changes in our lives.

The girls in the office have become wonderful acquaintances. I look forward to seeing, Dana, Venus, Judy and of course, Dr. Cornette. They are professional, but they have a genuineness for caring for their clients. Dr. Cornette's office has always been flexible to see me at the drop of a hat. He has brought relief to me over the most sudden of concerns. I trust his knowledge and expertise immensely.

Dana Howell has conducted most of my family's check-ups. They are thorough and complete. She seems very knowledgeable and it is always an enjoyable experience/visit for all of us. As far as I am concerned, the Yellow Pages did me a favor. Sincerely


Thank you for your wonderful work. I was once scared of the dentist, but now I'm not. The staff here are great. They even watched my baby while I was with the dentist.


My children and I would like to say a big "Thank You!" to Dr. Cornette and his staff. We have been under his care for nearly five years now and we have nothing but good things to say about our experience here. Dr. Cornette has always been very friendly, gentle, knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the latest dental techniques. He has also been very willing to help us in locating another dentist at our next duty station.

Dana has been wondeful to all of us too. She is very dedicated to her work and does a great job! She is the kind of person who you just enjoy being around because she is so nice! Dr. Cornette's other assistants are very pleasant as well.

We've never had to worry about our insurance claims because the office staff does such a good job in handling those for us. We are going to miss all of you and if we are ever stationed here again, we will definitely come back to you for our dental care. Thanks again!

Zoom Whitening and Bonding

Dr. Cornette, Amanda & staff,

I want to say "THANKS" for giving me the beautiful smile I've always wanted. I am a very confident person, but always was concerned about the gap I had between my two front teeth. Dr. Cornette as the great dentist that he is, requested braces, but I wanted results right away and did not want to have braces on for a long time. The bonding procedure he performed on me really gave me what I always wanted a "beautiful smile". Before I did the bonding I also wanted whitening "Zoom" it was great. I am just speechless and as happy with the results. Thanks Dr. Cornette, Amanda & Staff for all your great work.

Check out my Before and After Photos.


First off, if you have any doubts of being here, don't! You made the right decision. Dr. Phillip Cornette III and his staff make you feel like family. They listen, they're gentle, explain anything that may arise, answer any questions, funny, professional, pamper you and very caring of your needs. My shout out goes to two ladies, Ronelle and Judy. Ronelle is so funny and outgoing. She makes my visits (yes, even when fillings are needed) so relaxed and reassures me that everything's alright. Ronelle is so GREAT with kids. She's the adult but makes my son, Jeremy, feel like she's at his level. She talks to him, listens to him, erases any neverousness, makes him laugh and smile. Just an example. As we were about to leave after our visit, Jeremy pulled out a very loose tooth. He was so excited he ran back to show Ronelle. You know, I don't know who was more thrilled, lol. Next, there's Judy oh my goodness. What you see is what you get. As soon as you walk in she greets you with a warmness and a smile. In my eyes, Judy does her job and beyond. Judy doesn't treat you like just another patient, she makes you and /or family are welcomed and that you're extended family. She is hysterically funny! But yet if Judy senses that you're nervous, she makes you feel safe and reminds you that you're in good hands. TO the whole staff(family) you're the BEST! Keep up the excellent work and thank you for making Jeremy and I feel like family. Your biggest Fans.

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